6 February 2020

Campaign on heating at South-City Campus

Heating campaign

Green Campus and the student organisations RHEA and SIMA has distributed 2000 flyers around The Municipality Hospital, KUA1&2 and in the central administration. The campaign reminds us to close the windows. During the rounds the students also closed the windows that were left open.

“Keep hot while keeping the planet cool”. This message met employees and students coming to work in week 48 and 49. The sentence read on a flyer that hang in windows all over the Municipality Hospital, KUA1 & 2 and the central administration. Together with the two student organizations RHEA (Southern) and SIMA (Municipality hospital) Green Campus has distributed 2000 flyers in the three areas of UCPH.   

Students hanging flyers

The campaign reminds students and employee to close the windows after airing and a room is left. Closed windows reduce the heat consumption – which in turn reduce the carbon emissions. The heat consumption of UCPH leads to the emission of 5434 tons CO2 from October to April. This equals 6793 plane journeys to Rome. The idea is that the users will see the flyer when they open a window and be reminded to close it again.

RHEA and SIMA are two of the green students organizations that have emerged at UCPH during the last years. RHEA belongs at South Campus and consists of students at the arts faculty. SIMA belongs at the Municipality Hospital and gather students from the Social Sciences. The students were happy to help out. “It is great to see an initiative from UCPH. Then we feel, there is paid attention to our struggle.” Cecilie Ristorp Andersen from RHEA says.


Room for improvement

Altogether approximately 100 open windows were closed at offices and lecture rooms. Campus Service regulates the heating at The Municipality Hospital and South Campus. Closing the windows is therefore the best way to save heating if you are a student or employee. The open windows leads to a constant loss of heat.

The flyer contains three pieces of advice:

  1. Air briefly and thoroughly

It saves heating if you open more windows shortly, so the air is replaced. Avoid leaving windows  half open for a longer period.

  1. If you open the window make sure it is closed again

It is not a rare sight that rooms are left with open windows or double windows. Make sure someone else is closing the window if you are leaving the room.

  1. Close the door when you leave a room

This is especially important with doors leading out to hallways and other common areas. There is quite a lot of heating to serve, if these are closed during weekends and vacations. Make an agreement with you colleagues about who is in charge.