Green Results and Indicators

In order to gauge our progress toward sustainability, we must establish a clear picture of the present environmental footprint and climatic impact of the University of Copenhagen. We must identify where we are successful and where challenges still present themselves. A clear picture of consumption and impact creates the foundation for adequate comparison with other universities - both nationally and internationally – for example within the IARU context. As a part of the University of Copenhagen’s sustainability effort, green accounts are continuously developed with improved quality of data and new estimations. This  involves working with indicators which reflect different aspects of sustainability. 

The first green accounts published by the University of Copenhagen covered the year 2007. UCPH releases a new report about the green accounts each year to measure our progress. 

In 2017, the annual report appears for the first time in English, and includes a resume of the university's activities focusing on sustainability initiatives in both the activities of teaching and research and with respect to progress in reducing our environmental footprint. 

Read the 2017 sustainability report "Beyond the Buildings"

Read earlier Sustainability Reports (Danish only)