Global collaboration

Globally, there is a steadily growing focus on sustainable development. Naturally, this also applies to the community of universities. The University of Copenhagen works actively towards gathering experience and learning from other institutions’ successes in sustainable development. Correspondingly, the University of Copenhagen has made it a priority to communicate and share its own experiences with the sustainability effort, thereby contributing to a general strengthening of the sustainability effort in the university community.

IARU collaboration

The University of Copenhagen actively works with nine other top international research universities in the IARU-collaboration, which has decided to focus on sustainable development.

Green Guide for Universities – IARU pathways towards sustainability

The University of Copenhagen has, along with the other universities in the IARU collaboration, developed a green guide for universities that want to be responsible and address own environmental impact.

The guide targets key issues to address, recommendations, and lessons learned when making universities more sustainable. It includes 23 inspiring cases that have made a difference.

Other networks

The University of Copenhagen also participates in other international university networks working to strengthen the efforts in sustainable development. Among these is International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN).