Engagement and collaboration

Engagement and collaboration with both internal and external partners are the cornerstones of the UCPH’s work to achieve a more sustainable campus. By combining our efforts, we aim to maximize the results of our work on our path to fulfilling our goals. 


Staff and students are vital players
Involvement of students and employees in the planning and execution of sustainability campaigns is essential to the success of the university’s sustainability agenda. All employees have an influence on the university’s environmental impact through their daily conduct. It is thus crucial that students and employees are engaged in working toward a sustainable campus; in such a way, they reduce their environmental impact and invigorate the campaign in taking ownership of these new goals. 

Combining internal and external efforts
All three areas of focus in the university’s sustainability effort (Green Campus, research and education) aim to inspire and enhance each other.  Alongside the physical profile of the university, sustainability must also be integrated into both research and teaching. Accordingly, the development of and focus on new and innovative solutions, will contribute to UCPH’s advancement of sustainability. 

The faculties and operating organizations are especially significant internal collaborators and Green Campus  works with these sectors towards realizing initiatives and efforts. At the University of Copenhagen, a number of student organizations are working with different aspects of sustainability. Collaboration with these groups is equally important.