The Green Campus team consists of:

Visiting address:

  • Campus Service, Green Campus
    Store Kannikestræde 18
    1169 Copenhagen K

Phone no.: 2132 8828

Staff Members

Tomas Refslund Poulsen (
Team leader

Cand.techn.soc from Roskilde University.

Work at Green Campus
I am the team leader at UCPH’s principal sustainability effort, Green Campus. The task is to develop and engage strategy and overarching efforts, so that UCPH can accomplish the ambition of being one of the greenest campuses in Europe, as well as reaching objectives on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This covers a wide spectrum of efforts, ranging from green purchases and energy-friendly behavior from employees and student, to strengthening energy management and communication surrounding UCPH as a green university. The execution of efforts and initiatives happens in close collaboration with colleagues at Campus Service and key personnel at the faculties.

Mie Gundertofte Vestergaard (
Student assistant, communication

BA in Communication and IT at the University of Copenhagen. Currently completing a master in Film and Media Studies with a profile in cross-media communication.

Work at Green Campus:
I work with internal and external communication surrounding UCPH’s sustainability strategy Green Campus 2020, as well as rendering visible projects that support the effort. The goal is to draw attention to UCPH’s sustainability objectives and heighten students, employees, and other external stakeholders’ interest in the effort. Green Campus is present on different platforms depending on the target audience, and as such you will find information both on our website, on Facebook, and on KUnet.

Pernille Larsen (
Student assistant

Bachelor in Sociology at the University of Copenhagen. Likewise completing a master in Sociology at the University of Copenhagen. 

Work at Green Campus:
At Green Campus, I support various sustainability efforts concerning  resource reutilization, air transport, and green purchasing among other things. My particular focus is on behavior studies and user involvement. I also assist in preparing and completing UCPH's sustainability report, including processing and analyzing data concerning UCPH's climate impact as well as energy and resource consumption.